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High End custom Dilution Refrigerators

with the highest cooling power and lowest vibrations on the market.

Leiden Cryogenics has been a well-known name in cryogenics science for over 30 years. With a small team of about 20 people. We work on various standard and custom Dilution Refrigerator systems on a daily basis.

Custom-made dilution refrigerators that meet your specific requirements

Leiden Cryogenics CF CS110

CF - CS110

Our largest system – diameter 110 cm

Meet our CF-CS110 series, probably the coolest thing you’ve ever seen..​

About Leiden Cryogenics BV

Leiden Cryogenics B.V.
Leiden Cryogenics has been a leader in extreme low temperature techniques for 30 years. Founded in 1992 by Prof. dr. Giorgio Frossati as a spin-off from the University of Leiden, started in a small lab with only room for 1 DR system. Now 30 years later, Leiden Cryogenics is still working on various cryogenic innovations day and night. With a flexible and dedicated team of cryogenic experts, Leiden Cryogenics provides various cryogenic solutions for your cryogenic applications. Our current systems have the lowest vibration levels and highest cooling power available on the market today.

Our refrigerators can be found at the following customers around the world